Finding Early Orthodontics Near Me

in Kyle, TX

Not all children need early orthodontics, but some situations necessitate an initial treatment phase to correct issues that can become complicated if left until adolescence. Most parents are more familiar with and understand the importance of Phase II treatment that occurs during adolescence, yet Phase I treatment can be just as important. You'll want a trusted provider like Boss Orthodontics that can easily handle both phases.

What Is Early Orthodontics?

Early orthodontics targets young children who have all or some of their primary teeth. The primary goal of early treatment is to address skeletal issues involving the jaw and tooth alignment before or just after permanent teeth emerge. Several different treatment options are available, depending on the specific issue your child has. Common treatments include palatal expanders, partial braces, and retainers.

When to Schedule an Early Orthodontics Visit

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child have an orthodontist evaluate the structure of their mouth by age 7 so developmental concerns can be diagnosed and corrected early. The evaluation allows us to identify growth and development problems, including the eruption of permanent teeth, and address them before complex problems occur. Early orthodontic care generally takes place between the ages of 7 and 11 when children's jawbones are more malleable and responsive to treatment, leading to quicker results. Difficulty in chewing or biting, breathing through the mouth, speech impediments, or thumb sucking after age 5 often signal a need for early treatment. For early orthodontics near me, reach out to us at Boss Orthodontics.

What Problems Respond to Early Treatment?

During an early treatment consultation, we will look for the following problems:

  • Bite complications
  • Malocclusion
  • Crowded, crooked or protruding teeth
  • Narrow jaw

Early treatment paves the way for Phase II treatment that corrects problems in adolescents when most or all permanent teeth are present. It can reduce the time needed and sometimes even eliminate later treatment with metal braces or clear aligners, as well as prevent extraction of teeth due to crowding.

Do All Children Need Early Orthodontics Treatment?

Not all children require early treatment. Those who do not have noticeable alignment issues with their jaws or teeth should wait until Phase II for orthodontic treatment. However, it's still a good idea to get an oral exam and X-rays from Boss Orthodontics to see how the jaw and permanent teeth are developing.


Scheduling a Consultation for Early Orthodontics Near Me

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