3D Technology

GREEN CBCT 3D X-RAYS - Ultra Low Dose

in Bee Cave, Kyle, and Austin

Our 3D x-ray machine offers more information with less radiation than was ever available with traditional 2D images. We use the ultra low dose Vatech Green CBCT for diagnostic precision and enhanced treatment outcomes.

3D X-Rays: Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

A CBCT scan is a non-invasive dental imaging procedure that utilizes specialized x-ray technology and equipment to generate highly detailed information. It has some similarities with traditional x-rays, and also with the standard CT scans provided in hospital settings. This innovative technology allows us to capture highly accurate 3D radiographic images of your mouth for superior, unparalleled diagnostic precision. It enhances our ability to evaluate and create precise and targeted individualized treatment plans.

CBCT Machine

3D X-Rays: More Information with Less Radiation

Vatech’s Green CBCT technology offers the clearest imaging available on the market. In just a few seconds, in a single scan it can provide more information with less radiation than was ever available with taking multiple 2D conventional x-rays. It can provide a 360° view of your mouth, intricate 3D views of your teeth, bone, and surrounding structures.

What Happens During Your CBCT Scan?

Our quick scan takes about 10 seconds.  As you stand still, the machine rotates around you, capturing the 3D scan of your head. It's that easy!

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