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Oral Hygiene Products

Waterpik, water flosser

Affordable Waterpik

A water flosser is a great adjunct to braces treatment. It acts like a little power washer to get food and plaque from around the braces and between the teeth. Nothing is as good as manual flossing, but a waterpik is the next best thing. There are fancier versions of the the waterpik, but this one works great for our patients and is very affordable and it comes in white and black.

Rechargeable waterpik

Upgraded Waterpik Option

Same benefits as the above model with increased options for pressure and rechargeable battery. it comes in a variety of colors.

Black Sonicare Tooth Brush

Electric Toothbrush Sonicare

Most individuals clean their teeth better with a motorized tooth brush compared to manual. This is especially the case during braces treatment. General rule of thumb is 2 min for tooth brushing without braces and 3-4 min tooth brushing with braces. This tooth brush has a 2 min timer built in. This is a great affordable tooth brush option. 

Upgraded Sonicare- diamond clean

Upgraded Sonicare Option

Same benefits as the above toothbrush with additional features and app connectivity for personalized toothbrush coaching. It also comes with a charging glass and travel case.

Oral B Electric Tooth Brush

Additional Option- Oral B

This is an additional option that also is a great brand of electric tooth brush. The main difference is a rotational brush head movement vs vibration. A lot of people, including us, also like this style. You cannot go wrong with any of the three options. 

MI Tooth Paste

MI Toothpaste

MI tooth paste works great right after braces come off if they are any white spot lesions. It can aid in tooth remineralization and improve the look of white spot lesions. We recommend brushing with it and smearing it on the teeth then immediately placing retainer over it to lock it in place during sleep for greatest effect. We also sell it at the front desk. 

Orthodontic Flosser Picks

Braces Flosser Picks

These flosser picks can be used with braces on the teeth. They need to be used with care and gently, but are much easier than using floss threaders.

Interdental Brushes

Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes or proxabrush is a great way to clean around and between braces/brackets, wire, and between the teeth. This the the style for ultra-tight contacts which for most individuals without recession this a good size to purchase.

Dental Flosser Picks

Dental Flossers

These disposable flossers work great. This style is both Dr. Boss's favorite type with the more silky smooth floss. This type of flosser will not work during braces treatment. 

CloSYS mouth wash

CloSYS Mouth Wash

An excellent mouthwash that works great for gingivitis, or preventing gingivitis. Great for sensitive mouths. This one comes non flavored. The flavored one is next to it. What Dr Boss uses at home.

CloSYS Gentle Mint

CloSYS Flavored

Same benefits with gentle mint flavoring.

Listerine Total Care

Listerine Total Care

Listerine Total Care alcohol free is a great option for fighting gingivitis and has added benefit of fluoride. Mouthwash should be used after flossing, but before brushing. Tooth paste has higher concentration of fluoride and therefore you do not want to wash off the stronger fluoride with weaker fluoride containing product. 

Aligner and Retainer Products

Retainer Brite

Retainer Brite

These cleaning tablets work great. They keep your aligners and retainers clean and help prevent and remove plaque build up. It is what we personally use at home. Remember room temperature or cold water, never hot. 

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Retainer or Aligner Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners work extremely well at cleaning retainers and aligners. This also helps keep them more clear. You can combine the Retainer Brite tablets or a similar cleaner in an ultrasonic cleaner. Remember- only use room temperature or cold water with aligners or retainers (never hot). 

Zima Ultrasonic Cleaner

High-End Ultrasonic Cleaner

An additional high-end ultrasonic cleaner that people love. It is only sold direct and not listed on Amazon. They also sell cleaning solution and subscriptions for additional cleaning packets.

Pul Aligner Removal Tool

Aligner Removal Tool

There are many Aligner removal tools and they all work fine. This one is a good one so look no further. Comes in different colors and varying pack quantity. 

Aligner removal Tool with chewie built in

Aligner Removal Tool with Chewie

Same great aligner removal tool with built in Chewie.

Aligner Chewies

Aligner Chewies

Aligner Chewie Multipack. We also provide you with chewies at your visits at no charge. 

Aligner Case

Aligner Case

This aligner case patients like due to its double layer design, which allows more room for aligner removal tool and a chewie. The case we provide can also usually accommodate everything as well, but does not have two level storage.

Aligner Pontic wax

Pontic Wax

If you are in aligner treatment and have a missing tooth, we may recommend this product. It is a tooth colored wax that goes into the area of your clear aligner with the missing tooth to make it look like a tooth. 

Braces Comfort



OrthoDots are orthodontic wax alternative that sticks better than traditional orthodontic wax.

Gishy Goo

Gishy Goo

Gishy Goo is a more long term wax solution that is expensive but works very well. 

Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic Wax

Good ole orthodontic wax, added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for comfort and healing.

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