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Clear aligner treatment offers teens and adults an alternative way to gently and discreetly straighten teeth and correct bites. At Boss Orthodontics we are all in on aligners and have the latest 3D technology (3D Scanner/Software/Printing). Aligner treatment has come a very long way. We are able to achieve amazing smile transformations that used to be reserved for braces treatment.  Schedule a free consultation to see aligners would be a good solution to fix your bite and tooth problems. We look forward to meeting you!

Patient with Aligners in hand

What Are Clear Aligners and How Do They Work?

At Boss Orthodontics, we offer cutting-edge clear aligner therapy, which allows you to achieve your ideal smile gently and discreetly. As you swap one set of aligners for the next, the teeth will gradually move into alignment. You must wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours each day, and only remove them to brush and floss, or to eat. For the right person, aligners allow you to achieve your BOSS Smile without anyone having to know!

Hybrid Treatment

For many adults and teens who desire quick and discreet orthodontics, hybrid treatment is ideal. It combines the best attributes of self-ligating braces and clear aligners. This involves using self-ligating braces for up to six months to rapidly unravel crowding, broaden the arch, improve smile arc, and do most of the heavy lifting. After the self-ligating braces work their magic, braces are removed, and we do the fine-tuning with our clear aligners. Hybrid treatment allows us to correct your teeth much faster than with just aligners alone.

The In-Office Aligner Advantage

We offer the latest 3D technology for our patients' aligner treatment. This technology allows us the advantage of being able to order your aligners traditionally using an outside lab or print those same aligners in-office using our 3D printer and aligner fabrication machinery. This means you’ll be on your way to your BOSS Smile much sooner- no waiting for the back and forth process with typical outside labs, manufacturing, and shipping delays.

How does this benefit you? In most orthodontic offices, it typically takes 4-6 weeks to get your clear aligners back from the lab to get started with treatment. With our high-tech software and equipment, we can get someone started much faster if they want to (even within the same day). We upload the 3D scan of your teeth into our virtual software and plan out your tooth and bite movements. After the movements have been planned and staged, we print out your first 3 aligners in office and order the rest. By the time you finish the first three aligners we will have the remaining aligners in office. This technology is truly a game changer.

Printing Teeth Models
Clear Aligners and Custom Box

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Are you ready to discover how aligners can help you achieve the smile of your dreams? Contact Boss Orthodontics in Bee Cave, Kyle, and Austin, TX to learn more about the cutting-edge technology we use to deliver precise, effective, and comfortable orthodontic solutions.


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