Educational Videos

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How to Wear and Care for Your Aligners or Retainers

Brief video showing how to wear and care for your aligners or retainers. (Essix retainers, Invisalign / Clear aligners)

How to Brush with Braces

Brief video on how to properly clean around your braces.

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How to Use Orthodontic Wax

Brief video showing how to place orthodontic wax on pokey areas.

Braces Troubleshooting At Home

Brief video showing how to use wax around pokey wires/bracket hooks, redirect wire ends, and how to stabilize broken brackets.

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Tools for Success

  • Motorized Tooth Brush (Sonicare and Oral-B)
  • Water flosser (Waterpik)
  • Prevident 5000 (prescription tooth paste)
  • OrthoDots or Wax
  • Plackers Ortho Pick
  • Plaque HD- colors plaque in the mouth so it can be more readily seen to brush

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