Boss Smile. Boss Life.


Boss Smile. Boss Life.


Boss Smile.
Boss Life.

What makes a BOSS SMILE?


Confident and Broad

Teeth should extend all the way into the corners of your smile.


Custom Designed

Treatment is planned digitally, using the latest technology for precision treatment. This means less time in treatment with fewer and shorter office visits.


Youthful and Attractive

The edges of the upper teeth should follow the curvature of the lower lip (smile arc).

We help busy people get a beautiful, confident smile in fewer visits so they can live a BOSS LIFE.

Meet Our Doctors

Everyone deserves a beautiful, confident smile that lasts a lifetime. Our mission is to expertly guide you along your unique and personalized journey to achieve your BOSS SMILE. We hope to wow you with our individualized approach and our extensive clinical knowledge. We look forward to changing your life by transforming your smile.

Orthodontic Services

Boss Orthodontics is proud to offer comprehensive orthodontic treatments for children, adolescents, and adults. We utilize the latest technology and offer a variety of services, including phase I and II orthodontics, self-ligating braces, clear aligners, surgical orthodontics, TMD treatment, and more. We are committed to serving our community by transforming lives, one smile at a time!


Ultrafast 3D Printer

In-house 3D printing solutions: bracket positioning trays, aligners, and retainers faster than ever.

Green CBCT 3D X-Ray

Ultra-high resolution, ultra-low radiation 3D imaging for unparalleled diagnostic precision and treatment planning.


You Can Afford A BOSS SMILE!

We work with most insurance plans and offer flexible financing options. Don't let finances stand in the way of achieving your beautiful smile.

You Can Afford A BOSS SMILE!

We work with most insurance plans and offer flexible financing options. Don't let finances stand in the way of achieving your beautiful smile.

“I had been considering getting adult braces for many years. I was not at all confident in my appearance. I had a very difficult time biting and chewing.  I had near-constant pain in my face from pulling my jaw forward all of the time. Dr. Boss was very transparent about what to expect, which was greatly appreciated. I knew I was a surgery case, and he made me feel at ease enough to finally make the leap. His bedside manner is phenomenal; very professional, but also fun to chat with. I rave about him to anyone who asks! It was amazing to experience the importance of having a correct bite after living my entire life in misalignment. I can breathe better, sleep better, no jaw clenching, no muscle fatigue, but most importantly, I can smile confidently! The phrase that always comes to mind is “life-changing”! Happy doesn’t even begin to explain it! I LOVE my new smile and flash it any chance I get!”

— Jessica

"Boss orthodontics is amazing! It’s run by a husband and wife team who took great care of me. I had braces on when I was a teenager, but my teeth have shifted over the years because I never wore my retainer. I’ve been wanting to get my teeth straightened again, but I was nervous about being back in braces as an adult. Dr. Boss & Boss immediately put me at ease. They took the time to explain my treatment plan in detail and answered all my questions. The hands-on approach really gave the chance for a lot of one-on-one attention. This approach was the main selling point for me, and with all the personal attention, I was able to get my braces on in the first visit.

The other point I’d like to highlight is the wonderful office they have put together. From the extremely inviting staff, to the bright, open, window-filled space, it feels inviting and enjoyable, rather than a sterile medical facility like most offices. In addition, they have outfitted the practice with the latest technology as the heart of their approach, and as a result I did not need to take the outdated impressions and I was given braces that don’t require any of the old bands. Both the new technology and their sophisticated understanding of how to deploy it allows them to extend time between checkups and adjustments well past the month between check-ups usually seen at other offices!!

Oh and you get some really cool swag after your treatment (insulated grocery bag, mask, floss that gets under braces wire, travel bag...etc). I love some good swag. The entire experience exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend checking them out to see what they can help you with."

— Cori

"The facility is very clean and I loved the interior design. The staff was very kind and attentive. The doctor was very thorough.
I also loved the doctor's conservative approach. Her approach is 'less is more.' She didn't pressure me into doing more things to my teeth. She said if something doesn't bother me, it's better to leave it as it is."

— Eunsong