3D Technology

3D Virtual Software

in Bee Cave, Kyle, and Austin

We use our advanced 3D software, SureSmile®, to digitally plan the movement of every tooth in a virtual space. This allows us to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your treatment. This virtual software works for our braces and clear aligner treatment.

SureSmile® Digital Orthodontic Software

Our SureSmile® software incorporates the 3D scans and x-rays, to precisely plan and position brackets in virtual reality to create a customized bracket positioning guide. This allows us to place all of your brackets at the same time, which means less time you have to have your mouth open and more comfort for you!

Our SureSmile® software also allows us to stage our aligner therapy, which involves planning individual movements of teeth per tray and manufacturing your clear aligners. Planning your treatment in virtual reality allows us to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your treatment. Using our in-house 3D printer, this means no unnecessary long delays from outside labs for your aligners.


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