TMD Therapy

in Kyle, TX

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) includes conditions that affect the normal function of the joint that helps you move your jaw. This includes side-to-side movement as well as opening and closing your mouth. When you have TMD, you may experience pain, popping, or stiffness in the joint, as well as a locked jaw. TMD may be caused by problems with the jaw muscles or an abnormality in the joint.

What Is TMD Therapy?

At Boss Orthodontics, we offer TMD treatments to address the underlying cause of problems in the temporomandibular joint. You may have developed TMD due to an injury, genetic predisposition, overuse, and many other circumstances. Sometimes lifestyle contributes to TMD, such as chewing on hard objects, teeth clenching and grinding, and stress. You may also be developing arthritis in the temporomandibular joint.

Why Do I Need TMD Therapy?

Disorders of the temporomandibular joint worsen without treatment. In the most severe cases, the jaw may no longer open and close properly. This affects how well you can swallow, talk, and chew your food. It may also have an adverse effect on your oral health if you cannot open your mouth enough to brush and floss. TMD treatment helps with all these issues and helps you preserve a good quality of life.

What Should I Expect From TMD Therapy?

Our orthodontists recommend a course of treatment to reduce and minimize the damage to the temporomandibular joint. This may include changes to lifestyle and at-home care. Bite guards can help with TMD because they prevent you from clenching and grinding your teeth at night. In more advanced cases, TMD therapy involves surgery to repair the joint and any other issues.

Do Orthodontists Offer TMD Therapy Near Me?

At Boss Orthodontics, our orthodontists offer all levels of TMD treatment. They typically begin treatment with the most conservative approach, such as lifestyle changes and medications. If these options do not provide relief, they may recommend a bite guard for a period of time to see if the condition improves. If it doesn’t, surgery will be recommended.

Why Should I Choose Boss Orthodontics for TMD Therapy Near Me?

The orthodontists of Boos Orthodontics specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that involve the temporomandibular joint and jaw. Their expertise in this realm of orthodontics helps you feel confident about your treatment plan and choice of providers. The entire team at our practice is here to support you in any way we can.


How Do I Schedule TMD Therapy Near Me?

If you are looking for an orthodontist for TMD treatment, give us a call. We can help you set up an appointment with one of our orthodontists.

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